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Will you write my paper for me?

Can you do it by tomorrow?
No projects from new clients are accepted on a rush basis.

Do I have to schedule in advance?
Generally you should schedule your work at least one to two weeks in advance. While my schedule sometimes allows for a project that is not scheduled in advance, you shouldn't plan on my availability (or the availability of any editor, for that matter). Don't back yourself into a corner.

What is your turnaround time?
Turnaround time varies with many circumstances. The primary factor is the length of your work. For works of less than 20 pages, two or three days is the likely turnaround time. For works of 20 to 50 pages, four days to five days. Longer works take longer.

What does it cost?
I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your work, your situation and what can be done. I'm happy to try to work out a plan that will suit your budget. My minimum fee is $200. Estimate coaching at $300/month and editing at $12/page. Working with me will almost certainly cost less than an additional term's tuition fee. Fees are dependent on services.

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Dave's Tips & Suggestions

Some ideas that might be useful:

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Resources & Information

General resources and information to help with the academic dissertation process.

  • ProQuest (formerly UMI Dissertation Publishing) - Publishers of Dissertation Abstracts International and maybe of your dissertation, too.
  • Library of Congress - Not sure of the publication data on one of the books you're using? The Library of Congress will almost certainly have a listing. Of course your university library probably will, too. For articles you're better off doing a web search or using one of the specific databases of periodicals.
  • American Psychological Association
  • Modern Language Association
  • Wikipedia - What a great resource! Not guaranteed to be accurate, but a great place to start.
  • Open Office - Free software suite including word processing, spreadsheets and more. It's worth a look. Not as slick as Microsoft Word, but fully functional. And you can't argue with the price. Part of the open-source movement. Having trouble opening those pesky .docx files with your old Microsoft software? Use OpenOffice 3!

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